"Many moods of Marti" archive:
Marti Minx in a psychedelic dance collaboration with the 3D animator M. Henry Jones, 1986 (photo by Henry Jones) As an illegal alien for the photo/video artist Rob Roth, 2000 A.D. (photo by Rob Roth)

Marti Domination onstage at the nightclub Mother, 1996 (photo by Laure Leber)

Marti Blue as "Dirty" in a Cinema of Transgression version of Bataille's Blue of Noon, 1993 (see more info in the book Deathtripping)
Hoop skirt look, 2004 (photo courtesy Mikel Glass)

Goodyear- inside the blimp in artist Matthew Barney's Cremaster 1, 1995

"a weirdly angelic woman" --NY Times